[ROVERNET - UK] P6- roof insulation

Peter Mitchell peterm at arach.net.au
Wed Jan 5 12:54:39 GMT 2005

Yes Damien this is certainly an option under active consideration also. I
would want little glass fibres to work their way through the headlining

Either way, the car will be cooler, and quiter, than with a sunroof with no
headlining at all, which is the caee at present.

The P6. P6B was ahead of its time when on the market- 4-wheel disks, de dion
suspension etc, and I am sure Rover would have used the kinds of insulation
we are speaking of, had they been available at the time. Rather than driving
a retro-look modern car [ say a Chevy Cruiser], I prefer to have and use a
market leading older car that has been modernised with safety and creature
comforts.  This could get us into a disagreement between purists and
non-purists, so I won't press the matter further.....

And the weather over here in Perth right now isn't too bad either!

Kind regards to you all

Peter Mitchell

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Well folks i have a question about this, can anyone tell me why the good old
roof pink bats wouldnt be any good. You can get them is all sorts of ratings
but they all seem very compressable and would fill the roof cavity

Just a thought while sitting in 28 deg C heat at 9:30 pm on a wednesday
night in  Brisbane.

Maybe the heat is getting to me after all lol


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