[ROVERNET - UK] helldriver on ebay

Pfvandermeulen at cs.com Pfvandermeulen at cs.com
Wed Jan 5 16:43:04 GMT 2005

hello rovernetters, helldriver,what's in a name is back on ebay.i know this 
man has a good feed backscore but i must  warn you .i paid him over 200 pounds 
for a rear bumper last summer.after payment he said the bumper was stolen and 
he was going to repalce it or refund the money. i waited for 3 months but no 
bumper and he did not refund my money. he did not react on my emails at first 
but when i send negative feedback to ebay he claimed to have been on holiday 
and said he send my money back by post.but he cannot show a number of the 
registration. best regards peter.

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