[ROVERNET - UK] crook carbys

rogerdm at iprimus.com.au rogerdm at iprimus.com.au
Sun Jan 9 12:18:18 GMT 2005

Hi all

The carbys on my 1974 3500S are overflowing. I have had this problem before
and have had the carbys overhauled by a specialist. The return of symptoms
include a strong petrol smell as fuel spills out the overflow pipes during
running but especially at idle, traffic lights etc. Variable idle speed,
poor take off power from low revs but normal at high revs. I assume I have
contaminants in my fuel tank which are spoiling the sealing of the fuel float
seats in the carbys. I have fitted a new fuel filter but perhaps something
(water?) is getting past.

I assume I need to take off the carbys and clean them out, replace the filter
and clean the tank. 

The experience of my fellow netters would be appreciated in this urgent job.
For example can compressed air be used to blow dirt from the seats thereby
avoiding removing the carbys until a convenient weekend to effect proper
repairs. What is the best way of cleaning the fuel tank of loose diamonds,
gold coins and possibly rust/dirt/water?

Advice appreciated as I suspect I am at risk of going up on flames


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