[ROVERNET - UK] crook carbys

Alan Gale agale at ihug.com.au
Sun Jan 9 13:39:15 GMT 2005

1) Where are you?  If in Melbourne, go visit Wilson Carburettors in 
Airport West and speak to John Cheal.  He is an expert.  9330 3216
2) how long between overhaul and symptom return?
3) sounds like jets are not seating properly for some reason and 
therefore they are overflowing.
4) compressed air is a bit rough ...
5) when was the petrol tank last drained (ie fuel outlet removed and all 
inside allowed to drain and then dry?) If a long time then perhaps 
something has got into the float bowl and caused the inlet jet not to 
seat properly ... but if fuel filter is there, this is unlikely. It 
would be a pretty tough contaminant to eat at the seat.

Cannot think of any solution other than a clean out, which is not what 
you wanted to hear.  perhaps others may know more than I.
(I would have gone to John rather than tried to sort it myself).

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