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Barry Riseley barry-riseley at trump.net.au
Mon Jan 10 00:11:49 GMT 2005

Hello Everyone,
I rather suspect that the SU Caries we are dealing with in this thread are 
really of much later type/specification than the ones I am used to dealing 

For what it is worth though, I have experienced frustrating flooding of "H" 
type SU's despite what I had thought to be thorough replacement and 
adjustments "in the float bowl.

What I have found is that in these earlier type carbies, if there is 
sideways movement on the needle actuating lever where it hinges onto the 
float bowl cover, then it is possible for this lever to "stick.

Similarly, if this lever binds on the two little "posts" which hold the 
lever pin, then the lever can bind.

The cure is to carefully adjust (bend) the two little "flaps" on the hinge 
end of the lever, so that there is just clearance to allow free movement, 
without sideways play.

I have a 1928 Austin Seven which has had an SU fitted, and until Boxing 
Day, had this exact problem.

But, like I said at the outset, the later carbies probably have different 
float construction.

Best regards,

Barry R.

At 09:24 AM 10/01/2005, Mike Shaddick wrote:

> >Hi all
> >
> >The carbys on my 1974 3500S are overflowing. I have had this problem before
> >and have had the carbys overhauled by a specialist. The return of symptoms
> >include a strong petrol smell as fuel spills out the overflow pipes during
> >running but especially at idle, traffic lights etc. Variable idle speed,
> >poor take off power from low revs but normal at high revs. I assume I have
> >contaminants in my fuel tank which are spoiling the sealing of the fuel 
> float
> >seats in the carbys. I have fitted a new fuel filter but perhaps something
> >(water?) is getting past.
> >
>  When cleaning out the floats and seats, it may be worth your while to
>check that the needles are firmly in place and have not dropped.
>Wink Martindale
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