[ROVERNET - UK] Seat covering design & execution in P6B's

James Dean jaguru at bellsouth.net
Thu Jan 13 05:25:53 GMT 2005

You are probably correct about the aesthetics of P5B seats and interior.
They were chosen by a pretty exclusive and devoted group of fans ; Margaret
Thatcher, The Royal family. titled heads of state and captains of
Industry-but was it the appearance, or level of support and comfort-this
group probably spent more time in them, particularly back seats, than most
Roverowners. Is there any other car kept in production this many years after
its ' replacement was built?...After the general public considered it
          I am actually more familiar with P6 seats, and consider them the
best  seat ever built, for comfort and support , if you spend hours in
them.I often had put them in other vehicles- in fact moved from Cambridge
Mass to Florida over 30 years ago, in a Toyota Land cruiser with a Rover
2000 Drivers 'seat.
            Total change of subject here; I am presently putting together
several Rover Air conditioning systems, including  a P5,(For which an
original  6 cylinder compressor bracket would be useful), 3500S system going
into a P6B, and a 2000TC. All these involve making new hoses, upgrading to
Rotary compressors,better blowers, sound deadening,R-134, and dash or Boot
evaporators. If anyone wants advice or any of these components, now is a
good time to contact me ,off line please.. I will probably  comment with
more tips  after these projects are finished. James Dean, Ft.Lauderdale
jaguru at bellsouth.net... Tollfree in US 1 877 524 8787.
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> Hi Roverits:
> Just looked at the new Buick LaCrosse.  It has an attractive interior,
> but, the seat covering design is no where near that of the P6B Rover.
> Has anyone seen a better seat covering design than that of the P6B?
> Peter Miller
> Port Orchard, Wa.
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