[ROVERNET - UK] P6 oil pump

Paul Smith vmi2148 at bigpond.net.au
Sun Jan 16 09:04:23 GMT 2005

I have just completed The Trip, did make it to Qld and back.
The SC performed fine.  Indicated mpg was 30 all up, and the odo underreads 
by 5%.
However I had 3 casualties:
1.  The generator bush wore out - completely.  In northern NSW I put a new 
bearing in it and had a bush turned up.  All looked fine, but now the genny 
doesn't produce enough to charge the battery... I didn't have my meter with 
me to accurately test it, so did most of the trip with a total loss system. 
The stator and field windings are both continuous to earth, but I don't know 
if one is shorted.  Ideas?  If I can't track it easily, one alternator 
conversion coming right up.
2.  The speedo rightangle drive died when reentering Melbourne.  Hmmm; maybe 
it was trying to tell me something.
3.  The oil light came on more in the latter stages.  On the final leg to 
Hobart it was ON up to 2000 rpm, flickering up to 3000, and off above that. 
It is always happier when the oil is cold (& thick).  Ideas as to what is 
the problem?  I've never had a Rover oil pump die.


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