[ROVERNET - UK] Dunlop rear brake kits and other things

Kent Kinard kkinard at swbell.net
Fri Jan 21 18:43:39 GMT 2005

Hello Rovernetters,
Long time since I posted.  We have been involved with Tsunami 
relief...mostly raising money, about $7,000 from our little congregation 
so far.

Bill, I need Dunlop rear kits.  Who do I talk to?

Serial number on a 2000TC engine appears to be a VIN # instead-85901977C
Is this normal for an NAS 2000TC?  I gather that the engine is not 
original to the TC that it's in since the TC is RHD.

One of my neighbors pulled up in front of the house with a Land Rover on 
a trailer...1959 Series One, 109 Station Wagon, 2 Litre four cylinder. 
Car has 18,000 actual miles (no the odo hasn't rolled over) The car was 
outfitted with DUAL air conditioners from new (52 hp would just about 
run the A/C but probably wouldn't move the Landie at the same time!) All 
the space ahead of the radiator and between the frame horns all the way 
to the bumper is taken up with A/C condensers) Needless to say, the 
engine is burned up and these things cost an arm and a leg to rebuild. 
Since its a 109 instead of a 107, the owner could put a 2.25 L in it 
easily. It has sat in the Texas sun for forty-five years, but is in 
remarkable condition.

While Miles was here, he found an Arab in San Angelo who owns a RHD two 
door Range Rover.  I have yet to see it, but understand its pretty nice.

My condolences to all who have lost friends or loved ones in the recent 
disaster.  Our bishop, Joel Martinez, is also the president of our 
General Board of Global Ministries.  He just returned from the area and 
is urging all of us to be sacrificial in our support for the victims.  I 
had considered selling my TR7/V8 for some time and have decided to do so 
now in order to make a significant donation.  I urge you all to give 
generously to the relief agency of your choice.  If you are interested 
in making a gift that goes 100% to relief without any administrative 
expense, contact me off list.

If this post is out of line, forgive me.  I only get off base every few 

Kent K.

Bill Robertson wrote:

> Anyone in need of rear brake rebuild kits for the Dunlop rears at a 
> reasonable price let me know .............I have an friend who has come 
> across a few........Part #VBO8689/A..........I don't know what they are 
> worth but know he has always been very reasonable in anything i have 
> bought...........Usually half of say JR Wadhams
> Bill Robertson
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