[ROVERNET - UK] SU needle reprofiling update

Paul Smith Paul.Smith at auroraenergy.com.au
Mon Jan 24 04:39:43 GMT 2005

Well, after doing the trip which involved long runs on hot days, the SC had
trouble idling - it was too rich.  It also showed signs of being tad too
lean just above idle, slight throttle on overrrun etc.
Soooo I'd say take only half a thou off the needle at idle, and maybe a half
at the 1/8" point.
I have another needle to try, so will let you know.

Also found I have 3 chewed out rightangle speedo drives (thought it was only
2).  I am getting the last one from Scott's, are there any other suppliers?
All they need is one gear replaced...

On Australia Day I hope to remove the generator and work out why it is now
underperforming.  If it isn't obvious, I go for an alternator.


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