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I don't want to discourage your friend from using one of the Rover parts specialists, such as Pierre who also replied -- or yourself for other parts, but I think that the clutch disk and pressure plate are the same as those for some Volvos of that era.  Does anyone have a more definitive cross reference to confirm this?  Local foreign auto parts shops may still list these parts too.

--Steve Manwell

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I have a friend in need of a  new clutch disc, release bearing, and pressure
plate for a 2000 TC. Does anyone have that? James Dean, Ft. Lauderdale
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> Hi All,
> I checked out the 1968 Rover 2000 TC in Portland, Oregon today. It was
> pretty well represented in the photos on the RCCC web site. The photos
> good, but did not reveal at the details easily. For one they looked Black
> me, but the car is really a very dark Green. The paint is generally pretty
> fair except for the hood and trunk (bonnet and boot). These two surfaces
> have some cracking in the paint. I think that being aluminum may have
> contributed. The paint appears to be original and there are no obvious
> of body damage. The chrome is very good and straight, with the exception
> the trim strip on the right side rear door. As can be seen in the photos,
> approximately 8" is missing.
> The interior is quite good, with normal wear on the drivers seat. No tears
> or split seams. The dash has a 2" horizontal crack, just below the tach.
> This can be seen in the photo if one looks carefully. This car sat for an
> extended period of time (12-13 years) and was resurrected about a year
> The brake calipers and cylinders were rebuilt by Apple Hydraulics, new
> tires, clutch, points, condenser, plugs etc. were installed at that time.
> Some of the carpeting is loose inn the footwell, but a little adhesive
> should fix that. All instruments and controls worked fine. The car started
> easily and drove very well once warmed up. I believe the mileage 79,000 is
> accurate.
> Bad points, one of the brake servos has a leaking diaphragm and is blocked
> off. There is an oily residue buildup on the front of the engine, so I
> suspect the front main seal is leaking (original?). The carbs are SU
> and seem to work fine. Car idled nicely and accelerated very well once
> warmed. To sum it up the car is solid and drivable as is. It really should
> be repainted and some of the rubber items such as door top seals and vent
> seals should be replaced or repaired. The vent seals may be glued, but the
> drivers door top seal is pretty ragged.
> Why am I not purchasing this fine vehicle? I currently have 13 vehicles
> need to downsize a little and get a few more of them on the road. Too many
> projects and some of them major. My wife convinced me that rather than
> buying this one, I should invest the funds in making the 1964 P-5
> I had to agree with her. Enough is enough. I will probably regret that I
> not at some time in the future, maybe next week.
> If anyone is really interested, I will be glad to discuss it. If some one
> from a distance buys it, I will be glad to assist in transporting you from
> the Portland airport to the vehicle if you are not familiar with the area.
> It is currently located at British Auto Works in Oregon. This is where the
> work was done. It was back for a brake bleeding and check up. They do have
> web site.
> Sorry to be so late getting this onto the site. I had some strange things
> going on with my computer on an earlier attempt.
> Slats
> Vancouver, WA, USA
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