[ROVERNET - UK] thristy P5????

Ben Rodgers irishrover at netscape.ca
Wed Jul 6 13:37:21 BST 2005

Hi Ron
         Thanks for the advice, you are so far the only response to my
problem. Unfortunately I have checked all the items mentioned, rebuilt the
front calipers a couple of years ago and fitted a better servo unit. I tune
and time by ear, its seems to be the only way to get the engine set up
smoothly. It runs great and starts easy, perhaps living on PEI, I don't have
much opportunity to go for long straight runs.  As I drive an Echo as my
every day car (54mpg) perhaps the fuel consumption on the P5 is partly my
I note the last sentence of your email, regarding coming to PEI to relieve
me of the P5. If you are serious I should tell you I have been seriously
considering selling it of late, health being the main reason.  The car
appears in October of the RCOC  2004 calendar.
                              Regards  Ben  ( Irishrover)

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