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Hi Ben
I would have to agree about the importance of the differential/rear end
ratio. I have a 3L manual with o/d and a few years ago replaced the diff
with a 3.54:1 unit from a V8. Now I can use first gear, clear
intersections changing from 1st to 2nd and cruise at high speed without
any strain on the engine. It just purrs quietly along at 120 kph (70+
mph). AND I get about 18 mpg around town and 25 mpg on long highway
trips. The changed diff ratio does not impact much on acceleration as I
get to use low gears for longer.
Melbourne, Australia
proud owner of P5 Mk1 

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Hi Ben,
           A friend of mine here has a P5 Standard with Overdrive and
was getting about 16 mpg, the same as my automatic. When we looked up
the specs. 
on his car we found that the standard without o/d has a 3.9-1 rear end
and the o/d car has a 4.3-1 why Rover did this we have no idea, except
one could be a town car and the other for touring. He found the gears
were a real pain for town driving he was almost in 3rd before he cleared
an intersection. We decided to change the rear end to a 3.9-1. He now
gets mid 20s mpg and it's a much nicer car to drive around town. All MK
1, 1a, and 2s and some early 3s are 3.9-1 the later Mk 3 and V8s are
3.54-1. so there should be lots of
3.9-1 around.
You should be getting a lot more than 12 mpg, make sure your choke is
going all the way off and that the mixture is set correct.


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