[ROVERNET - UK] thristy P5????

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I actually want to make 104. There is a formula involved. I am just stubborn 
enough to make it too! You are also correct in that I need that much time to 
finish my projects. If I took time out to get organized it may take even 
longer. If I organized I wouldn't be able to find anything! I had a friend 
come over to help me organize my garage once. His methods and mine are 
completely different. I keep finding things in strange places that I would 
never have considered for the item.

You didn't respond to the 5BX program bit. Remember the RCAF Basic Five 

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> HI Slats
>            With all the projects awaiting your attention you can't afford
> to have arthritis! and you may have to out live your 101 year old aunt in
> order to complete them!!!.
> Regards  Ben
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