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You know the answer to that one -because it is British that's why. It's like 
why do you have to remove the windshield on an MGB in order to remove a 
front fender.

One of my expressions when working on these vehicles is OTB, OTB -(Only The 
British) would design something this way.

The 5BX thing was very popular around the late 50's early 60's as a fitness 
program. They also had a XBX for the ladies. They were developed by the 
RCAF. At one time I had copies of both booklets. May still have one some 
where in my "stuff"


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> Hi Folks
>                this has become a very interesting topic! but I'm curious 
> to
> know why Rover would have gone the opposite way to what is being said on
> Rovernet, why use 4.3.1 ratio on the 4 sp with o/d when it seems to make
> more sense to go lower rather than higher???
>                                      Ben
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