Michael Pellow mp349 at ww.co.nz
Sun Jul 10 20:39:43 BST 2005

by going to a slightly higer ratio the intermediate gears get more 
pickup but in overdrive the 4th still has longer legs than it normally 
would .In fact except fot the 110 it is over driven. IE cant reach a 
higher speet in overdrive than in top. In the 110 it can reach approx 
104 mph in OD & 95 is the recommended top speed in 4th other wise it 
would overrev.

Michael Pellow

Ben Rodgers wrote:
> Hi Folks
>                 this has become a very interesting topic! but I'm curious to
> know why Rover would have gone the opposite way to what is being said on
> Rovernet, why use 4.3.1 ratio on the 4 sp with o/d when it seems to make
> more sense to go lower rather than higher???
>                                       Ben
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