[ROVERNET - UK] Alvin's SD1(s) Parts Sales

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Yep, something like that:-)  I was trying to be a bit diplomatic here but
maybe missed the mark a bit:-)


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"various stages of not running"  That sounds like "partly pregnant"!

Ken G, 1925 Rover 16/50 (San Francisco)

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Correction on Alvin's phone number;  the area code should be 323, not
Also the number is one digit off from the one that I have for Alvin.
Before posting another phone number for him, I will call Alvin to see if
this is in error or he has a second line that is just one number

I have seen Alvin's car collection and in fact am helping Chris Devlin
retrieve a Mk II from Alvin this weekend.  He has a lot of cars that
seem to be rust free but are in various stages of not running.  He would
be a good source for parts, especially for SD1 models.  If anyone would
like me to look for specific parts, please let me know before Saturday
and I will assess condition while at Alvin's.


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> Alvin has some trouble posting to the group due to
> "multipart-alternative" message formating.  He asked
> me to post this message to you.
> Eric
> *********************************************
> Hello Eric, I can't mail to the Rovernet can you post
> that I'm parting out 10 SD1's I have several bodies no
> damage to minor my number is 232-397-4371 and I live
> in Los Angeles, thank you!
> Alvin (TopDogRover)
> email:  <RockStar30cars at aol.com >
> Webmaster & Magazine Editor:
> The Rover Car Club of Canada -  www.roverclub.ca

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