[ROVERNET - UK] 1948 Rover 75 6 light on Ebay

Ben Rodgers irishrover at netscape.ca
Fri Jul 15 00:06:43 BST 2005

Hi Bill
         Boy that car has gotten around!!! For many years it was owned by a
priest here on Prince Edward Island Canadian east coast.  It was green in
those days which I'm quite sure was the original colour. In the early
eighties it was bought by a paint contractor, he had it re-upholstered and
painted black and grey as it appears now.  Later he lost interest and traded
it to a local Chrysler dealer. Next a retired British Army Col , Patrick
Wotton bought it for approx $3000, and kept it for a few years. When he
decided to sell it a buyer from France was interested. Patrick had me give
the buyer an unbias report on its condition.  While I noted a lot of little
things there was nothing difficult or expensive to repair, the possible
exception, the need for all new rubber around windows and doors. However the
French deal fell thru, why? I never was told.  Patrick was having carb
trouble and a local garage rigged some sort of Hyundai carb. Finally he sold
it to the garage whose owner trailered it to Carlisle PA and sold it. After
that I lost track of the car until today.  Am I sure its the same car? yes,
just look closely at the grille badge on the chrome rad, its from a P4 and
doesn't fit correctly, it sits proud because its not vee shaped to the
contour of the grille.
Th sum up, it was a very nice car twenty years ago,  had very low mileage,
sat in the priest's garage most of the time. Don't think he could even claim
he only used it to drive to church on Sundays as he lived next door to the
                                        Regards  Ben (Irishrover)

PS I have tracked down a Rover 14 RHD in New Bruswick don't know what year
or how much but it is apparently for sale.

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