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Hi Steve
The biggest dent in my door ?
I had just taken delivery of a 1990 Range Rover and took it home that
As I pulled up ain the driveway ,my wife was going to see a girlfriend 6km
away in her little Renault softtop.
I said take the RR coz its an auto box and you'll get used to the size .So
she did take my new RR.
2km away she gets T-boned at the first intersection she came to by a hoon
with his hat on back to front in a Honda CRX going record speed . Wife got
slammed across the road with the impact .The Honda went to the scrappers .My
wife drove home in shock, in the bent RR.
I didnt care about the dent
If she had been in the Renault ???
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> I had just painted my SD1 ( no chips yet). One day, I went to the library
> and coming out I witnessed someone THROW their door open into the side of
> Rover. I could see the ding and chipped paint from 100 feet away. I became
> angry very fast and was walking up on the offender to let loose. Just then
> the guy struggles with a wheelchair from his back seat. It's all he can do
> just to get around, and maybe he could have opened his door slower and
> carefully, but my attitude took a 180 and I didn't say a word.
> Steve
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> Burrowes wrote:<br>&gt;&gt;Hi all,<br>&gt;&gt;Well I bought the P4 105
> was on EBay and it came last night. <br>&gt;&gt;Believe it<br>&gt;&gt;or
> it was as advertised. Runs great and it was very good
> <br>&gt;&gt;refurbishment.<br>&gt;&gt;Check it out EBay
> #4557284697<br>&gt;&gt;<br>&gt;&gt;But because the Gods do not want any of
> us to be truly happy for <br>&gt;&gt;longer then<br>&gt;&gt;5 minutes I
> a chip in the paint from a lady in a Kmart parking
> <br>&gt;&gt;lot.<br>&gt;&gt;I parked far away and in an area I thought no
> one would park but <br>&gt;&gt;sure enough<br>&gt;&gt;She pulls up opens
> back door and the rest is history. And I <br>&gt;&gt;have
> not<br>&gt;&gt;even had it for 24 hours. Oh well!<br>&gt;&gt;I am however
> looking for a few parts:<br>&gt;<br>&gt;So, did the DA rule it as
> justifiable
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