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Hi Rod,

I would be surprised if Lex Mead had done the A/C in 72, has A/C would have been very rare in the UK back then. I would have
expected it to have been done once the car was imported to Australia.

If the car was a special order and modified at the factory then the archivist at Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon should have details.
Unfortunately they will probably make a charge, the link to them
is http://www.heritage-motor-centre.co.uk/contactus.htm 

Other wise it maybe worth contacting Dave Lee of the P5 Owners Club as he lives in the Southampton area he can be contacted via
cars-for-sale at roverp5club.org.uk 


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Hi Rovernetters,

I've just bought an Arden Green P5B Saloon #84100598C
which was purchased new from Lex Mead Southhampton on
March 3rd 1972 ~ I have the original paperwork ~ and
brought to Australia in 1974. There are a couple of
anomalies I'd like some help with. (Unfortunately the
original owner has passed away). 
The car is in excellent condition, fully registered
and great to drive. Air conditioning has been fitted
(by the dealer?)therefore the tool tray is now under
the parcel tray on the left, it still has the manual
choke but most perplexing of all, it has the ancillary
gauges fitted fitted to the binnacle as per a coupe.
There are only 2 warning lights on the dash an d there
is no sign of one being removed. It also has a
tachometer in place of the normal 3 gauge instrument
cluster. I can find no reference to the gauges being
offered as an option and I can only assume that this
was a special order. Can anyone enlighten me please?
Rod Blair

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