[ROVERNET - UK] Kinardrove '06

Kent Kinard kkinard at swbell.net
Tue Jul 19 05:19:48 BST 2005

Dear Roverites,
Slats has raised a question about our travel plans.  Edward Winchester 
would like us to come back to NZ so he can collect the money I owe him 
(Its expensive to ship a P5 door skin).  Sheila and I had a delightful 
time in New England (thanks again Steve and Peter) and will be going 
back there for sure, hopefully all the way to PEI to see Ben and over to 
NY to visit Dermott and Hank.  Travel times are so SHORT up there. 

2006 is the year to go Northwest, probably in September or October and 
certainly to Seattle and Vancouver,BC and probably to Portland, too.

Get ready, Slats, here we come!

By the way, you could have left the MG here and taken the Innocenti 
Spyder we drug out of the barn the other day. Not even Italian sheet 
metal rusts out here.

Kent K.

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