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Paul Smith Paul.Smith at auroraenergy.com.au
Tue Jul 19 06:56:25 BST 2005

er this year I have achieved:
Putting alternator on SC
Finding the resulting problem of that... (way I'd wired it, and the way the
RB340 works)
Replacing starter motor on SC (pinions split on 2000s)
Replacing lower ball joint on SC
Getting mega frustrated with SC not starting and finally found coil HT lead
was problem

Jobs to do:
Other ball joint on SC
Brake servo on 3500
Brake master & clutch master on TC
Exterior on TC
Interior on TC and SC

So you are well up on me.  Oh for a garage.


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Paul Smith wrote:

> I still Wonder how you get time to do the work on a fleet of Rovers and
> pastor...

I don't.  The Rovering suffers.  It has taken me three months just to go 
through the trans on my P4-100 and change the bellhousing over to match 
the 3L7 (three litre) engine.  I finally just cut a two inch hole in the 
side of the 3L7 bellhousing for the throwout shaft and bellcrank from 
the P4 trans (on LHD P4's the bellcrank mounts to the lefthand side of 
the bellhousing, but the bellcrank on the P5 exits to the right and is 
hydraulic).  I can't even find time to move the rest of my parts from 
San Antonio to Sterling City, so I'm paying rent on two storage places. 
  At least the new one will hold seven cars and all my parts.  The P6B 
is the only Rover drivable right now but the 100 is getting close.  The 
TR7/V8 doesn't count.

Aside from the music, I do everything here including some of the cleanup 
and maintanence.  It's a very small congregation of cattle, sheep and 
oil people and the banker is the only one that doesn't work sunup to 
sundown. If I want something done, I have to do it myself.  Good folks 
but hard to coral.  If they're not working, they're gone somewhere (it's 
42 miles to the grocery store) and if I want to visit, I usually just 
tag along wherever they're going whether its to the pature or to put 
some hours on a new engine in an airplane. There are two helicopters 
among the church members, but I haven't been that brave yet.

There are 1000 people in the county and six churches.  The county has 
the highest percentage of church attendance of any county in the state 
of Texas.  On any given Sunday 70 per cent of the people are in 
church...but that's only 700 people divided among six churches and the 
Baptists get more than their share.  I only know of three Democrats in 
the whole county  and they are left over from Lyndon Johnson's time. 
There was a fourth democrat, but he was the Presbyterian preacher and he 
moved to Florida to teach them how to work their voting machines.  If 
the Presbyterians can't find a Republican pastor, they may have to close.

Slats has been here, ask him about it.  He left out in a blinding 
sandstorm rather than stay a minute longer :-)

Kent K.

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