[ROVERNET - UK] 3500S manifold heat shield

Brooks restore at nbnet.nb.ca
Thu Jul 21 17:41:39 BST 2005

That heat shield (and I may be wrong) sounds like an aftermarket creation. I 
have a heat shield on mine made of metal with a pipe outlet to ease cold 
weather starting.
 I will look for a spare heat shield and if you are interested email me  @ 
restore at nbnet.nb.ca

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> Fried my left, rear brake reservoir. Oh, and the master cylinder too. 
> Left car idling for a few minutes....which became 3 hours.  Heat actually 
> melted the plastic reservoir, and the brakes were spongy until cool, then 
> much less effective than before.   I had not reinstalled the frayed heat 
> shield which, in any case, looks suspiciously like pure asbestos. What 
> material is there to replace it?  Thanks for answers.
> Geff and Julie McCarthy
> AvMedSafe
> 503-241-8468
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