[ROVERNET - UK] Radio static???

Brooks restore at nbnet.nb.ca
Sun Jul 24 20:03:18 BST 2005

I could see that scenario with steel...but what about aluminum ??
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> Dennis
> Radio interference can be via two sources,
> RF (aerial) or direct (dc supply).
> The bonnet, being metallic, helps contain any RF radiation generated 
> within the engine compartment. It can only perform this function if it is 
> solidly connected to the rest of the body usually with flat braid straps.
> The flat braid (as against round cable) is needed at RF frequencies.
> Bybass capacitors or filters can help with the dc supply source.
> Usually interference is a combination of both.
> Cheers
> Dave
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> Brooks wrote:
>> What would grounding the bonnet do to interfere with the radio ?? The 
>> antenna is not fixed to it...I am not arguing the point...just curious. I 
>> would expect like most older cars it needs to have a filter to supress 
>> the noise...if it has one it may need replacement.
>> .Dennis
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>>> Make sure the hood (bonnet) has a good ground. I used 1/2" copper braid 
>>> on my cars.
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