[ROVERNET - UK] Radio static???

Eric Russell p6rovers at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 24 23:43:44 BST 2005

Having just arrived at home and deciding to (wisely)
check what had been said since your request, I have to
say that I temporarily removed my electronic ignition
but expect to refit one soon.

I didn't have a radio in the car and so didn't
experience radio noise.

Now, .... if you want to talk about cavity 
magnetrons, I was in marine electronics.  Our radars
HAD cavity magnetrons.  The 6 foot fibreglass radar
antenna had a stencil that advised the reader to stand
back at least 6 feet while the radar was operating. 
That was wise with a 3 foot radius rotating scanner. 
It was the invention of cavity magnetrons that allowed
the invention of radar.  Make sure your microwave
screen is intact!

Now about radio noise ------ hmmmm.  Don't have a
radio ------ sorry.


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