[ROVERNET - UK] Radio noise

Dave Read defender110 at ozemail.com.au
Sun Jul 24 23:59:28 BST 2005

Barry wrote
 > What a great wealth of knowledge we have on Rovernet. Now I know why 
  > the radio is noisy with the hood up and fine with it down.
 > Lets hope we don't get into Cavity Magnetrons


What's a Cavity Magnetron? :-)

Oops I stuffed up!
The mention of low permeability steel is so much frog manure!!!

It should read high permeability!!

Dennis Brooks wrote:
> Thanks for the explaniation Dave...now here's one...how can one tell the 
> difference....RF (aerial) or direct (dc supply).

Difficult, as there are many possible entry points for RF ..... connect 
the radio (leave it in the vehicle) to a remote battery or power supply 
source via WELL SHIELDED supply leads and see if the interference is 

Shielded DC leads must be used, as any airborne RF interference will be 
induced into unshielded ones.

Another possible RF entry point is into speaker wiring ...

South Oz

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