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I came late to the discussion, so my earlier post is just a rehash, 
but I can't resist any reference to cavity magnetrons, one of which I 
built as a science fair project in my youth. Ugly looking, but it ran 
quite happily at about a hundred watts. The local telephone company 
lend me a microwave "trap" and a meter to show the power delivered 
(actually they lent me much more than that, the technician there took 
me under his wing and taught me all sorts of things about building a 
microwave frequency device). I was inspired by my grandfather, who 
bought a very early Amanda "Radar Range" and proceeded to reinvent 
cooking as we know it.


>What a great wealth of knowledge we have on Rovernet. Now I know why 
>the radio is noisy with the hood up and fine with it down.
>Lets hope we don't get into Cavity Magnetrons
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