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Vern your correct about the FRAM filters being junk for most part.  For more 
information on the quality of oil filters got to: 
As for the internal valves. All most all automotive oil filters have a 
Anti-Drain Back Valve on the intake side mounted to the base of the filter. 
Inside some filters or on the filter head there is a Oil Pressure Relief 
Valve.  Now what about drain back on the discharge or output side?  Look at 
the MG B inverted or top mount or upside-down spin-on filter head.  There is 
a standpipe about four inches high that is the Anti-Drain Back system for 
the discharge side of the filter.  The Rover 2000 engine has the upside-down 
filter head but no standpipe.  So in about one half hour gravity pulls all 
the oil out of the filter, down into the crankcase.  The correct filter for 
the Rover 2000 has a plastic internal stand pipe that is the Anti-Drain Back 
System.  I am sorry that I can not send illustrations but my scanner died. 
I hope all these words work to clear up the need for a non automotive oil 
filter on the 2000 engine.  Take Care  jb

John Burkhard
1966 P6 2000 TC
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>I presume you are asking about a 2000 filter. The Fram number for the 
>correct filter is PH2821A. However, I advise you to buy a Wix or NAPA brand 
>filter (both made by Wix) as Fram quality is rather poor these days. The 
>NAPA filter is cheaper than the Wix branded can. It is a common filter.
> Another poster suggested there is a standpipe, that is not quite correct. 
> The filters have a rubber flap covering the holes surrounding the central, 
> threaded orifice that acts as a anti-drainback valve which acts just like 
> a standpipe. The rubber valve is visible on inspection.
> Yours
> Vern
>>Greetings all. I have become tired of the two-three second" fill the oil 
>>filter" time period with corresponding lack of oil pressure. Especially 
>>now that I will be changing the motor for a better one. Are there any 
>>suppliers in Canada that supply the proper oil filter for the P6? Failing 
>>that, where would I go to find one period? Any assistance is greatly 
>>Best Regards,
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