[ROVERNET - UK] P6 girling callipers

rogerdm at iprimus.com.au rogerdm at iprimus.com.au
Sun Jul 31 23:46:35 BST 2005

Hi all

Has anyone undertaken a repair of the engagement face of the pawl that clicks
into the teath on the push rod, thereby actuating the self ajustment.  I
am doing up another set of callipers for another car and I have noticed that
on all my current spare bits, the face of the pawl is worn.  This may limit
correct engagement and hence ajustment.  Naturally I don't want to recondition
and fit a set of callipers only to have them fail in this regard.  I have
contemplated welding a small blob of metal onto the face and grinding it
to shape, and silver soldering on a piece of tool steel.  However both procedures
would be difficult given size, correct angles etc.  Perhaps someone has managed
to buy a new part, if so from where?  All suggestions gratefully received

cheers Roger Matheson

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