[ROVERNET - UK] Rover 2000TC Choke Cable

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Tue Mar 8 03:27:10 GMT 2005

Hi Daryl,

Try Scotts Old Rover Parts in Melbourne
(03) 9563 3023
English Auto Parts in Wyong NSW 02 43532844
or one of the English parts companies like S.G Walker details of which I
can give you or you could find them in one of the English car magazines.

As an aside did you see the white 2000 TC advertised on ebay (consider having
a spare cr for parts)

I have a feeling that the cable for the V8 is similar if not identical and
if so easier to obtain.
Are you a purist, because the original cable is difficult to install in the
console, having an awkward nut on the inside.  The original cable may be
expensive because it may come with the warning light switch.  An after market
mechanism may be cheaper and easier as the nut is on the outside.  You may
need to fiddle around to get the correct size washers.  You could combine
the two, that is use the inner solid cable with the correct knob but a generic
outer spiral cable

have fun

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>Hello List
>I live in  Australia, have just bought a Rover 2000TC and I have been told
>that list is a good place to locate spare parts and generally get 
>Rover 2000's are pretty rare now in AU....I dont know about the rest of
>world..and it seems from what i have discovered so far, TC's are even rarer.
>I am searching for a choke cable for a TC...tha car does not have one and
>cant find a cable locally.
>If any member of the list can direct me to a source i would be very 
>Many Thanks
>Daryl Burgess
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