Fw: RE: Fw: [ROVERNET - UK] HELP! My Sterling's security system is hav ing a tantrum!

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Geoff sent every thing but his e-mail address. I had a similar problem with
89 SL. Disconnect the negative battery terminal. Leave it off for a few
Then reconnect it, by touching the post with the cable, it will take
several tries. touch it once & the alarm will sound & the lights will
flash, touch again and something else may happen. You wantnothing to
happen, thats the time to hook it up. I discovered this when I replaced the

                             Good Luck


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> Subject: Fw: [ROVERNET - UK] HELP! My Sterling's security system is
having a	tantrum!
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> Hi Rovernetters,
> If any of you have any experience of Sterlings (aka Rover 800's), I need
> some help!  My 1990 827SLi (800 Vitesse) has recently become immobilized,
> I think by the security system.  The owner's manual has been no help. 
> When I insert the key in the ignition, the headlights flash several times.
>  Then when I turn the ignition key, nothing happens.  When I bought the
> car last year, I found that it would occasionally need to have the
> automatic gear lever jiggled a bit to be able to start the car.  Now, no
> amount of playing with it makes any difference.  All other electrical
> systems seem fully functional.
> I think that the security system has somehow become armed, and I don't
> know how to disarm it.  Or perhaps these are symptoms of something else? 
> I suspect the answer to this dilemma is something very simple and stupid,
> but I haven't been able to figure it out.  Any input is appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Geoff
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