[ROVERNET - UK] Rover 2000TC..Choke Cable...OOPS

daryl burgess darylburgess at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 8 09:39:29 GMT 2005

OOPs....Sorry.... I have had a better look and......there are separate float 
chambers....my mistake.

Yes...the under bonnet section shows 2 sep cables to each carb but i have 
not been able to see in the dark if there is an intact juncton box.

>From what you have said, it would seem that them main cable from dash to 
junction box is broken, but i will need to confrim this by a proper 
inspection in the daylight.

Sorry, about the mis-information, it is obvious that this isn't a simple 
choke cable as i first thought.

Many Thanks
Daryl Burgess

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>If your car really has carbs without separate float chambers then these are 
>replacements, because the 2000TC only had either HDs (for the first couple 
>of years) and then HSs for the rest of its run. The 2200 did use HIFs 
>(which have no external float chamber) but I don't believe that this model 
>was a standard import into Australia.
>Do you have anything of the cable left? There would originally have been a 
>cable from the dashboard leading to a junction box in the engine 
>compartment, from which two separate cables would have gone to the carbs.
>We can supply the main cable and the two short cables, but we do not have 
>the junction box available.
>Pierre Janusz
>RPS (Rover Parts Services)
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