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Seems as if you are getting all sorts of advice on this one so let me add my
2 cents worth.  I had similar problems and traced it to the ignition wires.
The conductor, not being solid core, can break down internally along the
length of the wire, causing an internal gap to open up.  Rought handling,
sharp bending of the wire, etc, can hasten their demise.  Since you have
been able to get the car restarted after fiddling with the ignition wires,
they could be the culprit.  High energy ignition systems require a good set
of wires. You can either test the wires for resistance and continuity or
simply buy a new set and replace them.  If the wires are old replacement
would be a good maintenance gambit anyway.

Let us know what you finally diagnose.  Intermittent problems are the worst


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> I have the worst kind of problem with my P6B - an
> intermittent problem! This means it's very hard to
> identify.
> I would be driving along and the car would just die -
> no revs, no spark and no power steering. So that would
> seem to indicate, no electrics - yes?
> I would get out, open the bonnet, fiddle with the
> ignition leads at the dizzie and also the lead to the
> coil, push them down that sort of thing. Jump in the
> car and fire her up no worries. Normally this has
> happened only once during a trip but today it happened
> twice in a very short space of time.
> The car has Pirana electronic ignition.
> So, where do I start looking and what would cause this
> total shutdown? Coil? King Lead? Dizzie cap? Any and
> all suggestions would be very very much appreciated. I
> hope to hear from someone soon.
> Thanks,
> Ray Wilkins
> 1976 P6B
> Melbourne, Australia
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