[ROVERNET - UK] P5 MKIII trim question

John Stacy scyjn1 at pnc.com.au
Tue Mar 15 10:29:01 GMT 2005

Hello Peter, 
As has been previously advised the Mk3 does have an "AUTOMATIC" badge on the
boot/trunk lid. It is different in print style (font?) to the Mark 2, in
that the lettering matches the style of the "MARK 111" badges, i.e. squat
with a smooth surface. The mark 2 auto badge has narrower letters, i.e. they
are tall and thin by comparison, and the bar at the base they "sit" on has a
grooved surface. Trust this helps

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Hello Rovernet.

Does anyone know if the boot lid on a P5 MKIII Coupé had the 
"Automatic" badge placed under it originally? Mine has the holes for 
it, but no badge. I have a couple of badges, but I'm not sure whether 
the boot lid is a replacement from an earlier 3 litre. A picture would 
answer my question, but I haven't seen a shot of the back of a MKIII.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

Peter King

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