[ROVERNET - UK] Ford or DextronIII for a BW35 tranny?

Paul Smith Paul.Smith at auroraenergy.com.au
Tue Mar 15 23:52:45 GMT 2005

I did a little research on it 2 years ago:
BW were used in Fords (still are), Jags, Rovers and decided on a high shear
friction fluid, designed to match their clutch plates.
GM went for low shear friction, and different plates.  Hence incompatability
was born in this industry.
Dexron 3 is a low shear fluid, the ones recommended in the Rover manuals are
high shear.
Around late 80s apparently BW switched to low shear and different clutch
plates (I suspect with electronic control on the boxes).
If you have a box rebuilt, you get the later plates, so you should use low
shear fluid.
If it is original, stick to high shear.  It does affect the plate wear and
thus longevity.


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Hello all.

I was talking with a jag mechanic who has worked on BW35 transmissions 
for years today, and he told me he always uses Ford transmission fluid, 
due to the additives that prevent clutch lock-up. I'd previously been 
told that DextronIII was best.

Any opinions or cold hard facts to share on this?



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