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Wed Mar 16 16:58:15 GMT 2005


I did some thinking about your high rev problem and
offer some brainstorming based upon related problems I
have had:

1. Check that the linkage between the foot pedal and
the throttle control rod connecting with the carbs is
correct.  There should be a vertical threaded rod with
a patented ball-socket joint at each end.  The manual
gives instructions for correct adjustment.  I anchored
the pedal with a brick, ensured that the carb
butterfly valves were completely open and adjusted the
threaded ball-sockets so that the butterflies opened
and closed correctly with the foot pedal.

2.  Check that each carb is coordinated such that the
rear carb opens slightly before the front carb.  I
loosened the "accordion" connection between the two
carbs and adjusted the "lost motion" connection under
the front carb.

3.  Remove each carb vacuum piston chamber (mark which
is which, front and rear) and perform the
book-specified adjustment to be sure that the top of
the jet reaches the bridge of the carb and can be
turned down about 2 to 2-1/2 turns.  Be sure that each
carb is adjusted the same way.

4.  I presume that you might just have HS8 carbs so
remove the top of each float bowl, clear the bowl of
sediment, and adjust the float and needle flap the
book-specified height.

That's my contribution for now.


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