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Another conundrum. I had a TC with valve clearences more than 2 thou and
it didn't make any noise. I think you would be doing well to get a combination
of shims through the engine at less than 2 thou and I think the manual specifies
a tolerance greater than that. I feel you might be doing damage driving
with an unusual noise as it does sound like a lubrication problem. Did you
put the buckets back in the same place when you re assembled the head?
Are they worn? Are the valve guides OK? Did you put new "O" rings in the
guides? Have you ajusted the cam chain corretly when you re fitted the
head? Presumably you had the head planed which means that the head bolts
have to progress further down the threads of the block. If you didn't remove
gunk in the threads with a tap then the bolts may come up to the obstruction
and may reach torque without properly tightening the head and in turn the
cam assembly. It may be fractionally loose which may disturb lubrication,
clearences and alignment. It may not be noticeable with the engine stopped
so try runing the engine at idle with the cover removed (briefly) to check
lubrication and perhaps the origin of the noise. Use a long screwdiver
like a stethescope by pressing the blade end on various suspect places (like
the cam bearings) and the handle against your ear. You might be able to
locate where the noise is originating from (loudest) Do not change ends
of the screwdriver as injury may result.

Let us know how you went
cheers roger

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>Hello All.
>I just replaced the head on my TC -- Ground valves/new seats etc. and there
>is too much valve clatter.  The tappet clearances are very close to spec,
>with most right-on (within .002 off-spec worst case).  Valve springs are
>good. Oil ways are clear to all cam bearings etc. The car runs great, but
>the noise is getting on my nerves.  I have had valve clearances way off
>the past and they did not make much noise.  It does not seem like one valve,
>but it is equal amongst all of them.  Anybody have the same problem?  Should
>I ignore it and keep on motoring?
>Steve Lawrence 
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