[ROVERNET - UK] BSF wrenches and Sockets

Bill Daddis magnet at roverclub.org
Tue Mar 29 02:33:48 BST 2005

Hi Andrew,

Snap-On Tools sell them.  Not cheap, but good quality.  

You can often spot them in old tool piles at antique shows or flea
markets -- that's where I found many of mine, over the years.

There also used to be a place in Canada called "British Cycle 
Supply" or some such -- Google is your friend ;-)


 -- Bill D.

On 28 Mar 05, at 15:49, Andrew Moss wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I am finally getting ready to start on my P3 restoration and one of
> the first things I need to do is obtain a set of good BSF wrenches
> and sockets. Does anyone know of a source of these in Canada?
> Best regards,
> Andrew

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