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Yes Eric,

The car is little quicker off-the-line, but not much difference at top 
speed.  Since each piston is about 1/4" larger in dia.  I thought there 
would be more of an increase in torque.
I am using a regular 2000 head gasket.  What is the difference between it 
and a 2200 head gasket?


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> --- Steve Lawrence <admin at nottinghamroad.com> wrote:
>> Yes, it is STD C10.  How much increase in horsepower
>> is there compared to
>> the 2000 engine? I only have 2000 manuals and
>> literature.
> Steve,
> In 1990 I had a 2000 TC and the first 2200
> modification running at the same time.  I noticed that
> I had faster acceleration up the street with the 2200
> but noticed no difference in maximum speed on the
> highway.
> I later had the opportunity to convert the remaining
> 2000 TC to 2200 so no further comparisons are
> available.
> Eric 

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