[ROVERNET - UK] Clickety Clat

Steve Lawrence admin at nottinghamroad.com
Thu Mar 31 06:18:34 BST 2005

I did notice the head gasket overlapped the bores by 1/8" or so.  I wonder 
(hope) this is causing some of the clicking sound.  Maybe when torqued down, 
the overlapped area recessed slightly into the bores and the pistons are 
hitting the gasket.
I will order a 2200 gasket straight away (are you listening, Pierre!?).
Thank you for the input.

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> Steve,
> My understanding is that the piston might contact the
> circular portion of the gasket surrounding the
> cylinder or some other problem may be caused by the
> 2000 gasket extending into the combustion chamber.
> Using a 2000 headgasket for a 2200 conversion is not a
> recommended procedure based upon discussions I have
> had with the mechanical experts I have consulted as I
> started on the conversion process.
> I think you should take the head off, check for damage
> and install a 2200 head gasket.
> Also, select a new drill bit the size of the small
> steam holes alongside each cylinder and and expand the
> matching holes on the new 2200 headgasket.  The gasket
> holes are smaller than they should be for this
> conversion.
> Eric
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