[ROVERNET - UK] Rover 2000 sighting in Sports Car Market magazine

John Couch jackjohn3 at comcast.net
Fri Nov 4 18:25:27 GMT 2005


I just finished reading the latest edition of Sports Car Market magazine and towards the back in the "ebay review" section there is a listing of a 2000 TC.  Here is the review for those who can not get a copy.  

1967 Rover 2000 TC sedan, s/n 41801883A. Burgundy/black. odo 60,000. 17 photos, Bozeman MT. Original paint is crazed and opaque.  "parts car available but not necessarily needed". Spare Rostyles with Blizzack snowtires included.  Optional Ice alert system.  No mention of drivability or rust.  Interior looks great. $3000. SOLD.  

(this next portion is the magazines ad lib commentary)

Hmmmm. British car lives throught almost 49 Montana winter, but you don't mention or photograph any rust.  Curious, indeed.  At any rate, this is a fair price for a neat vintage TSD rally car-one that you won't feel so bad about subjecting to, say the Shell 4000.

The picture of the car looks like it is a nice car.  Did a rovernetter get it?

John Couch

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