[ROVERNET - UK] Small coolant hose running to the intake manifold, P6B

Mark Brown mbrown at automotiveforums.com
Wed Nov 9 00:33:06 GMT 2005

Hello again,

I must admit to being a little baffled regarding the purpose of the small
coolant hose that runs from the top of the radiator to the intake manifold on
the P6 V8.  Extra cooling?  Air release?

I took mine off the other day and the hose was completely blocked up - took care
of that easily enough, but the fitting it attaches to on the manifold didn't
even appear to have a hollow, it was so gunked up!  I've managed to clear much
of it out, but there's still stubborn bits completely blocking the path of any
coolant that runs through there - seems almost like a rock in there.

Any tips on clearing it out, and/or information about what it's there for?

Mark Brown

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