[ROVERNET - UK] Dinitrol - applying

Anders Hedelund Larsen anders at xoz.dk
Thu Nov 10 07:34:04 GMT 2005

Sorry, I got so excited yesterday - and was pretty tired, so I basically
forgot your real question: How to.

As you mention there are two types. The thin and penetrating one and the
thick and durable.

The thin one should basically be applied inside all body sections,
valances, box sections, inside doors etc. - and on the full under side
under wings etc. Either with aerosol bottles (expensive) or more
economically and professionally with an air compressor and special
spraying guns: A set of cheap plastic items with flexible tubes to go
inside the body sections. These will screw directly on your Dinitrol

Then the thick one should go on the visible under side, under wings etc.
- same way or with a brush.

Once I find the spraying scheme I'll return with more details.


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