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Thu Nov 10 23:19:38 GMT 2005

Slats, do you have the Texaco product part number or ID? I have a 
semifriendly  salesman at Daubert Chemicals (Canadian distributor of 
the Tectyl line) who I can ask.

Failing that, these questions:

Was it black, clear, slightly amber or brown in colour?

Did it dry hard, or was it waxy/firm or was it waxy/soft?

How thick was it? Was it a penetrating coating or thicker than that?


>I contacted our local Texaco distributor and was told after some 
>research that it was no longer produced. After the tie in with 
>Chevron that it was dropped. I still have a small quantity, but 
>missed out buying a 35 lb. tub about a year ago. I thought that it 
>would always be there as it was such a great product. If you know of 
>a source I would appreciate it.
>I treated a car that had been in Southern Coastal Georgia for three 
>years, prior to transferring to Guam. After two years on Guam the 
>car had less rust than new vehicles that had been on the island just 
>a few months. In fact one spot had the paint chipped in shipping. I 
>just dabbed a little on it and two years latter it was still fine. I 
>was so impressed I purchased a 55 gal. drum for my unit and was 
>treating all of our equipment and installations with it on Guam.

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