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Got it, I'm pretty sure I can track down at least an ID for it. The 
minimum the daubert guy up here was willing to sell me was 5 gal pail 
of the harder version of what you describe, but that was way more 
than I needed at the time. I would think you could get the same in 
the States. next size up would likely be a pony (20 gals), after that 
the 55 gal drum.


>It was slightly amber, as in grease. It doesn't dry, but remains 
>soft. It is very grease like. It can be thinned for spraying. I 
>originally had it brought to my attention by a body shop. He 
>repaired a minor rust spot below the rear window and suggested 
>treating the area around the window with the Texaco stuff. When he 
>found out that I was transferring to Guam, he offered to treat 
>portions of the car for me. I removed the door panels, carpeting 
>etc. and he sprayed up under the fenders, etc. I then took a small 
>can of it, pulled the chrome trim off, applied it and then replaced 
>the trim. I also took a 1/2 inch paint brush cut the bristles short 
>and used it to apply it to the outer fuzzy strip along the windows 
>by pushing it out slightly with a screw driver and brushing some 
>into the crevasse. I also applied it to the inner edge of the doors 
>& truck, etc. where you have the door skin folded over the edge. I 
>then wiped these areas down gently with a cloth, leaving just a thin 
>line of residue. This is a prime spot for rust as the sharp edge of 
>the metal is not coated very well. It collected dust over the years, 
>but never did rust. An area with rust can be wire brushed and then 
>coated with Texaco. It penetrates and arrests the corrosion pretty 
>well. The down side it that you would have to clean it really well 
>(sand blast?) before repainting that area. I never needed to 
>repaint, so it was not a problem for me. I recently treated an MGB 
>that I had repainted, inside the doors and any other areas prone to 
>rust that I could get into. It is great on floors under the mats or 
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>>Slats, do you have the Texaco product part number or ID? I have a 
>>semifriendly  salesman at Daubert Chemicals (Canadian distributor 
>>of the Tectyl line) who I can ask.
>>Failing that, these questions:
>>Was it black, clear, slightly amber or brown in colour?
>>Did it dry hard, or was it waxy/firm or was it waxy/soft?
>>How thick was it? Was it a penetrating coating or thicker than that?
>>>I contacted our local Texaco distributor and was told after some 
>>>research that it was no longer produced. After the tie in with 
>>>Chevron that it was dropped. I still have a small quantity, but 
>>>missed out buying a 35 lb. tub about a year ago. I thought that it 
>>>would always be there as it was such a great product. If you know 
>>>of a source I would appreciate it.
>>>I treated a car that had been in Southern Coastal Georgia for 
>>>three years, prior to transferring to Guam. After two years on 
>>>Guam the car had less rust than new vehicles that had been on the 
>>>island just a few months. In fact one spot had the paint chipped 
>>>in shipping. I just dabbed a little on it and two years latter it 
>>>was still fine. I was so impressed I purchased a 55 gal. drum for 
>>>my unit and was treating all of our equipment and installations 
>>>with it on Guam.
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