[ROVERNET - UK] Double ' S' Auto Exhaust Firm's Web Site Address?

S Manwell smanwell at sprintmail.com
Wed Nov 23 03:29:10 GMT 2005


http://www.doublesexhausts.com/    or  1-888-368-2537 in Victoria, BC.

As I recall, Malcolm Ives is the proprietor and that they import 
exhausts from double S in England 
(http://www.stainlesssteelexhausts.co.uk/).  There are numerous 
companies in the UK that make or will make SS exhausts for Rovers, but 
Double S is the only one I know of that has a north american retailer.   
Another good one, purportedly, is P D Gough http://www.pdgough.co.uk/.  
J R Wadhams and some other Rover parts vendors in the UK also stock 
stainless exhausts.

I have gotten pricing from Malcolm for a 2000TC and P4 100, but that was 
a while ago and I need to get an update.  I need to get organized to 
replace the exhaust on the 100 soon.

--Steve Manwell

sspmilr at netzero.net wrote:

>Hi Roverists:
>Does anyone have the UK "www" address for the Double'S' Auto Exhaust
>Firm?  Their the firm that produces the stainless steel exhaust systems
>for the Rovers.
>Peter Miller
>Arlington, Wa.
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