[ROVERNET - UK] Underbody protection

Anders Hedelund Larsen anders at xoz.dk
Fri Nov 25 21:18:56 GMT 2005

Some thoughts re. recent discussions, which brand name to use and how to 
do it.

There are a number of such products, based on oil or wax. It is a big
thing on the Danish market, so I can think of/choose between

Dinitrol (alias Tuff-Kote Dinol, Pyrmo, and Proflex)
Waxoyl http://www.waxoyl.com/
Mercasol http://www.geveko-industri.com/aspx_eng/i_1_hem.aspx
Tectyl http://tectyl.valvolineeurope.com/index.asp
Teroson http://www.teroson.de
Carlofon http://ww.carlofon.de
and local brands
Pava http://www.pava.dk/
Tektrol http://www.tektrol.dk/

It will be hard to find a place in the country where the nearest
specialist center is more than 5 miles away.

All is easily available in aerosol (amateur/touch up), threaded bottles,
pots or drums.

I would normally go for the bottles, as they screw directly on an air gun.

In English it is normally called underbody seal/protection. In fact the
germans use a much more precise word for this: hohlraumshutz = Cavity

That is what it is all about: A car rusts from the cavities and the
welding seams. Getting a penetrating oil/wax in to close and protect
these places is the vital job.

Visible seams can be protected with a brush or with a brush equipped oil

As to effect of each product and compatibility between them, these are
my general obeservations:
- The international market leaders tend to claim their product can be
applied over any other thing, but subsequent application of anything
else is outside limits of warranty etc.
- Smaller brands tend to be more liberal claiming more general
application terms "oil/wax based penetrating product", "oil/wax based
wear protection".

Seems to be like petrol/gasoline: Some customers prefer Shell, some
prefer Exxon, yet others simply go by the price and octane rating.

I have placed this text with more to come on http://xoz.dk/ahl/auto/cavity

Translation is from Danish as to my best effort. Any remarks or
linguistic improvements, particularly as to technical terms will be most

...Anders H L

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