[ROVERNET - UK] Underbody protection

Anders Hedelund Larsen anders at xoz.dk
Sat Nov 26 09:17:08 GMT 2005

"Interior mudguards": As I did not know the correct term, I took the one 
used by the primary vendor, Lokari of Finland 

Such are inner, underside coverings for the mudguards/wings/wheelarches. 
They used to be made in aluminium, covering only the wear surfaces. For 
newer cars they are made in plastic giving a full covering.

There are pictures on http://www.lokari.de/en/innenkotfluegel.php
and better ones on http://www.inderskaerme.dk/

The last one is in Danish, but shows original felt ones being replaced 
with much more protecting plastic ones. Each felt one absorbs some 2 
kg/4 pounds of water in rainy weather.

Let that be salt water during a couple of Danish or Scottish winter 
months and you have a prime rust area.


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