[ROVERNET - UK] Hello, tech questions, and parts

George Phelps mrpink703 at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 27 13:38:52 GMT 2005

I have tried posting this before, but seem to be
having some problems sending messages form my new
email (p6_rover (at) yahoo (dot)com).  

Anyway, thanks to all who helped in my P6 search.  In
the be careful what you wish for category, I now have
4 2000TCs, two completely dissasembled and two not
running.  The result of which, if anybody needs parts
in the mid-Atlantic states let me know.  Also, I have
not given up hope for a 3500, but now I only need one
with a good engine and base unit.  So let me know if
you have one languishing.
Now a couple premilinary tech questions, with many
more to follow.  What is the correct tire size for
these things?  I have four rostyle rims, but need
tires.  Also. if the fuel pump is shot, should I just
bypass it with an electric one, and if so, what type? 
And finally (for now), is there a good list of parts
interchanges anywhere?  Particularly for the
expendible bits, brake pads, hoses, etc . . .  Also,
any U.S. sources for these parts?  I am getting a
catalog from Kip Motors, and have found the main U.K.
Thanks to all for help past present and future.

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