[ROVERNET - UK] New member / Looking for P6

George Phelps mrpink703 at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 1 02:32:34 BST 2005

Hey guys, new to the list and wanted to say hello.  I
signed up as I am looking for a solid 3500 to use as a
daily driver.  A 2200 would be ok as well, but I was
wondering if engine parts for that were more difficult
to come by than for the good old V8?  

In any event,   I would appreciate any advice on where
to find one.  I have found the Canadian Rover clubs
and, obviously, this list, also I know of the usual
suspects cctol.com, etc, anywhere else I should be
looking?  Also any advice on trying to bring one over
from England?  I don't have any contacts there so it
seems a little risky, but would be interested in any
ideas/contacts.  Thanks for the help you have already
provided and any in the future.

BTW - Crazy Rays, a pick your own part place in
Baltimore, has two 2000TCs for sale (whole cars only,
not parts) for $800 and $1200.  Pretty ratty and
rusted, but might be good for parts for someone.

Boyds, Maryland

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