[ROVERNET - UK] Cost of rebuilding an engine

Lance La Certe lacpsyd at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 2 17:18:23 BST 2005

Hi All,

Would appreciate some guestimates and responses from those who may have had
an engine rebuilt.  The 'ol V8  (1970 'Federal' 3500S) has 185,000 miles
and is really getting tired (oil pressure light is on most of the time at
idle suggesting that the bearings are shot).  The transmission has been
rebuilt, so it's just the engine I'm considering.  I'd like to know how
much a rebuild would be: 1) If they pull, rebuild, and reinstall the engine
and 2) how much cheaper it might be to pull it myself, have it rebuilt, and
reinstall myself  (of course this begs the next question....although I've
done a lot of my own work, e.g. rebuilt the carbs, rebuilt the brake master
cylinder and servo, pulled and reinstalled the water pump and the radiator,
I've never pulled an engine.  I know I'd have to rent a cherry picker, and
I'm imaging that pulling it may not be all that hard, the real question is
how simple is it to reinstall, bolt it up to the transmissions and then
have it run??

Any input/suggestions/warnings about all of the above would be appreciated.

Lance La Certe,   Denver, CO
lacpsyd at earthlink.net

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